Arrow Directionality


Arrow Directionality

341 Arrow Directionality

342 Arrow Directionality Wksht

This activity is virtually identical to the one above. Have a look for comparison.

Directional Arrows

This activity is designed to reinforce left/right awareness (laterality) and bilateral integration. The procedure is simple (read the instructions): The child focuses on one arrow and identifies the direction the arrow is pointing (up/down/left/right) by speaking and/or pointing.

Loading this activity can be done by using a metronome. Start at a slower rate (50-60 bdpm) and have the child point to and identify one arrow for each beat of the metronome. Speed things up by 10 bpm but only when the child is very comfortable with the last speed. Have the child perform the activity with no pointing of the finger, only looking with the eyes.