Buzz Button



Buzz Button

Purpose: To discover and explore externally controlled kinesthetic rhythms with hands and eyes

Apparatus: Button on a loop of string (provided)


Patient is instructed to:

1. Holding loop of string between hands, with button in the middle, wind it up by twirling the button.

2. With string appropriately would up, pull ends of string back and forth against each other in rhythm with the winding-unwinding action of the button and string.

3. When the basic rhythm of the buzz button is discovered, keep it buzzing in different positions–to the right and left, higher and lower, nearer and further, horizontal, vertical and at angles.

4. Also, try to step across the buzz button to place it behind you and then up and over your head to the starting position while keeping it going.

5. Place small objects such as marbles, pebbles, etc. on the ground or floor and make buzz button hit them while still keeping it going.

6. Try strings of different length and buttons of different size and weight to discover different rhythms.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Ability to control button in various positions.

2. Ability to touch accurately small objects with the button while still spinning it.

3. Ability to manipulate and explore different rhythms.