Blindman’s Bluff


Purpose:  To enhance the ability to visualize and organize special relationships within the visual space solid.

Materials:  Blindfold


1.  Establish a fixed, predetermined starting point in the center of a familiar room or area.

2.  Have patient look around the room to familiarize self with existing relationships within it.

3.  The blindfolded patient is instructed to proceed to specific objects within the room, at command.

4.  He is then to return to the starting position, before being instructed to proceed to the next object.

5.  Next, have patient move from object to object without returning to starting point.

6.  When skill improves, turn patient 1/4, 1/2 , 3/4 or a full turn clockwise or counterclockwise at his starting position, before instructing him to proceed to an object.  Or have him step one or two steps forward, back, right, or left before telling him to what object to walk.

7.  When appropriate, have patient reach out and touch objects to confirm his visualization of his position.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Accuracy in directionality.

2.  Accuracy in touching objects.

3.  Awareness of space between self and objects.

4.  Awareness of space between objects.

5.  Ability to visualize total room area.