Ball Passing Behind Knees


Purpose:  To stimulate visual monitoring of head to foot and right to left gross interweaving patterns of hands and feet.

Materials:  One hand-size ball, about the size of a tennis ball


Patient is instructed as follows:

1.  Pass ball from right hand to left hand under right knee as foot is lifted off the floor.

2.  Drop foot back to the floor.  Pass ball back to right hand.

3.  Now lift left foot off the floor and pass ball to the left hand, under left knee.  Keep ball in left hand.

4.  Place foot back on floor.  Quickly raise it again and pass ball to right hand under left knee.

5.  Return ball to left hand.  Lift right foot off the floor.  Pass the ball to the right hand, under the right knee.

6.  Place foot back on the floor.

7.  Repeat steps 1 through 6.

8.  Note:  The right hand passes the ball behind each knee from the right.  Then the left hand passes it behind each knee from the left.  To do this the ball must be transferred from one hand to the other after passing under each knee.

9.  Explore other passing patterns.

10.  Also, do it while looking at the ball, looking at the TV, matching someone else’s moves (like follow the leader), etc.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Ability to maintain balance throughout.

2.  Smooth rhythm and interaction between hands and feet.

3.  Accurate reach, grasp and release of ball between hands in both the right to left and the left to right direction in passing.

4.  Equal ability to perform the task when monitoring the action visually or kinesthetically.