Purpose:  To develop laterality, directionality and visual prediction of position and direction in space.

Materials:  Catcho game: Catcho-type ball can be made out of four 6-pack plastic holders and two 12″ dowel sticks


1.  Home assistant and patient are to toss the catcho ball back and forth to one another.

2.  Each is to catch the ball on the catcho sword.  Toss the ball back without first removing it from the sword.

3.  Have patient hold a sword in each hand with arms parallel to the floor and sword tips pointing toward each other about two feet apart.  Toss the ball and have him catch it from this position, piercing the ball from the sides.

4.  Home assistant should now call out “Right,” “Left,” “Both,” or “No Hands,” while tossing the ball.  Patient should catch it accordingly.  As performance improves, give him less time between the command and the catching.

5.  Vary the type of one- and two-hand catching from spearing the ball from the sides (described in step 3) and spearing head on.

6.  Have the patient call out catching instructions to the home assistant.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Ability to spear the ball from the side as well as the front.

2.  Ability to organize rights and lefts effectively at command in less and less time.

3.  Ability to monitor the assistant’s catching responses to his instructions.