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There is so much, and yet so little, to say about yoga – I could ramble on for many hours about how yoga is beneficial in accelerating and guiding the healthy development of a child, and still the fundamentals of what yoga is are astonishingly simple. One ‘practices’ yoga, that is, you learn about it, then you practice what you learn – Yoga involves focusing the body’s energy through assuming different positions, while focusing the mind as intently. It is easy to learn and is highly recommended as a keystone component of your treatment program.

If you are unfamiliar with it, there’s a good chance the word ‘yoga’ itself will make you feel a little out of place. While yoga is widely recognized and appreciated worldwide for it’s many health benefits, Western culture in general has been slow to catch on the this truth. Partly, this is ‘xenophobia’, or the fear of the outsider, or  more specifically, the outsider’s culture.

In the world of proven therapeutic techniques, yoga has shown itself to be an invaluable tool in treating a wide variety of physical, cognitive, and emotional trauma and disease. If you do no other activity with your child, consistently applied yoga practice alone will bring unparalleled developmental benefits – strengthening of body and mind. Combined with the rich eLVT activity library, it is a powerful ally in advancing achievement for all children, regardless of the particular developmental concern.

Yoga is a powerful therapeutic tool for both you and your child and it provides you with quiet time to reflect and to ‘re-centre’ your body, mind, and spirit. Your child will remember what he learns and will carry this with him for the rest of his life, providing equal benefits at each stage of life.

Approaching Yoga for Kids:

[private] If you are interested in pursuing yoga for yourself or to engage your child in this powerful program of strengthening of body and mind, consider a class in your region. You can generally locate kids yoga programs in most larger communities by searching online for ‘kids yoga’ and ‘your town/city name’. Try calling a few facilities and inquire re: availability of program and their experience dealing with chilren with developmental concerns.

Most experienced yoga instructors and studio owners will likely consider sessions specifically for parents with their children, so you can work with them to organize dedicated time for this though it might mean you have to get involved with organizing a group. If, on the other hand, you are able to afford the cost of individualized training, you can look into this as well, and it does not have to cost all that much. In some areas, you can even have someone come to your home and help you establish a routine.

> In the Okotoks, Alberta area, try

Learn more about Kids Yoga –

As a final alternative, look online for instructional DVDs for general yoga moves, or others for kids specifically. Wandering the aisles in big box stores can also prove worthwhile as stores such as Walmart and Costco often often have titles that are appropriate for beginners, and less often, children. If you feel confident enough to do so, consider learning some moves then teaching your child, or simply have them do the videos with you. Plan an activity with your child to follow the yoga, like a walk, or a favourite activity – but make it a quiet activity that will allow you to share. Yoga leaves you feeling refreshed and mentally unencumbered, and the time after your yoga sessions are a wonderful opportunity to engage your child in discussion. Always remember to listen more than talk, before long, they will have questions that will require an answer. [/private]

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