Vision Rehabilitation Roadshow

Very happy to be working with the ‘Vision Rehab OT’ Robert Constantine to bring the Vision Rehabilitation Roadshow to Calgary February 29 and March 1, 20120.

Get going with practical professional guidance in approaching vision assessment and training. In our introductory course:

  • Assess visuomotor skills for referral and progress monitoring.
  • Describe the ‘near triad’ and how this impacts on behaviour and visual and spatial perception.
  • Review the types of ‘refractive states’ and how these affect learning, growth, development, and behaviour.
  • Discuss the brain and body foundations to vision: Sight, Vestibular Function, Somatosensation.
  • Apply this knowledge in programming practical and effective client training programs for:
    • Attention Deficits
    • Reading Disabilities
    • Mood Disorders
    • Coordination and Motor Skills Development
  • Learn to use simple and locally-available tools to build robust and long-lasting vision training programs for the concerns described.

Go and have a look at VRRonline to learn more!


Dr. B.

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All science, with just a little attitude and no filler. That’s the Vision Mechanic. See you next time.

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