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VisionMechanic.net has a great line of courses planned for everyone interested in learning all about human vision from a practical point of view.

  • How does human vision work (without getting too complicated).
  • More than eyes: What are the parts of vision? What happens when these break down?
  • How does vision affect behavior, health, learning, and development?

This series is perfect for parents, therapists, doctors, and more. You’ll learn answers to your favourite questions and have your eyes opened to what it all really means to us, humans.

  • How to assess vision – What is a ‘good’ eye exam?
  • All you need to know about glasses.
  • How vision problems can masquerade as ADHD, Headaches, Coordination Problems, Dyslexia, Dizziness, and more.
  • How addressing vision problems can often solve learning and behaviour problems in children.
  • What are some of the fads and scams out there, and how to see past the sales pitch.

Courses are broken into logical blocks to help you jump to the parts you want. You should really just take all these courses if you are an interested parent, or doctor or therapist working with children. Likewise, if you work in the optical industry, there is a wealth of information available that will make you a much more responsive to your client needs and to help address difficult problems.

Go and have a look at our Course List to learn more!


Dr. B.

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All science, with just a little attitude and no filler. That’s the Vision Mechanic. See you next time.

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