Welcome to the VisionMechanic (.net)! All rehab, no filler. What are you going to do next? All content is prepared by eye health and vision rehabilitation professionals. Short videos are provided free of charge and all are encouraged to use these and share them widely so long as the videos are presented unaltered in their full original form and length. Courses are full and detailed programs in the areas defined. These are appropriate for anyone with an interest in learning more, but they are especially of interest to parents, therapists, and doctors unfamiliar with vision and visual rehabilitation principles. We’d appreciate it if you Liked and shared this video series if you find it helpful. We’re planning a lot of new content so subscribe to ensure you see all the new videos as they come out. Go to VisionMechanic.net to let us know if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover in an upcoming episode of the VisionMechanic. All science, with just a little attitude and no filler. That’s the Vision Mechanic. See you next time.
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