Subvocalization Reduction




Subvocalization Reduction

Purpose: To utilize the monitoring of breathing patterns during silent reading to assist in control of subvocalization

Apparatus: Reading material, metronome


1. The patient is to become aware of his breathing pattern while reading and subvocalizing.

2. Observe the relationship between the rhythms of the subvocalizing and the breathing while reading silently.

3. Practice altering this relationship by breathing slowly, rapidly, alternately slowly and rapidly, and also in time with a metronome (or a beat). Attempt to maintain comprehension throughout.

4. As greater awareness of breathing during silent reading develops, attempt to maintain a normal deep breathing pattern-unrelated to the reading task.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Awareness of close relationship between breathing pattern and subvocalization pattern.

2. Ability to pattern a normal deep breathing pattern unrelated to the reading speed or pattern, while maintaining comprehension.

3. Learned control of subvocalization can reduce fatigue from reading.

4. The patient should recognize that subvocalization may improve comprehension when particularly difficult material is being studied.  An effort should be made to breathe normally and deeply in any case.