String and Q-Tips



String and Q-Tips

Purpose: To develop peripheral awareness while in motion

Apparatus: Two Q-tips, a length of string, occluder


1. The string is tied to one Q-tip and looped around the other.

2. One eye is occluded.

3. While patient is looking straight ahead, the Q-tips are to be held as far apart as possible and yet he is to remain fully aware of both.

4. The patient should walk about while doing this activity.

5. As ability to remain aware of the two Q-tips simultaneously improves, move them further apart.

6. Repeat for other eye.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Use the string to measure progress.

2. Emphasis should also be placed upon maintaining conscious awareness of the total peripheral fields, as well as the Q-tips.

3. Comparable performance with each eye.

4. Also hold the Q-tips in various positions, like opposite numbers on the face of a clock.