Number Concepts



Number Concepts

PURPOSE: To develop number concepts through visual-tactual activities

APPARATUS: Playing cards, blank cards, templates, beads, blocks, pegboard, etc.


Patient is instructed to:

1. Practice counting backward.

2. Sort cards with dots or balls on them; one in red, two in green, three in blue, etc. to use color cues.  Then try sorting decks of various types of playing cards.

3. To slow down counting, count while turning a screw into soft wood, hammering a nail, pushing a ball on a string, or placing dowels in a box or pegboard.

4. Place beads or blocks on spots of cards and count.  Next, attempt to match the patterns of the spots on cards by placing beads or blocks on blank cards.

5. Make cardboard templates with two, three, four and more circles cut in them.  Also, make additional sets with squares, triangles, rectangles and diamonds cut in them.  Cutouts should be about two inches in size.  Create patterns, for example, like those on playing cards.  Trace the holes, crayon them and see the results.  Count and trace, count and color, and count the total shapes on each card.


1. Ability to count forward and backward.

2. Ability to count own actions properly.

3. Ability to match number groups accurately.

4. Ability to recognize number groups accurately without counting individual members.