Newspaper Accommodative Rock




Newspaper Accommodative Rock

(Newspaper) Accommodative Rock

(Or Picture Book) Rock


Purpose: To develop flexibility and control of the identification system of the eye

Apparatus: Two newspapers (or two picture books)


1. Place one newspaper (or picture book) on a chair at a distance at which the headlines on an individual article can just be seen (or detail in picture recognized).  Place the other at the normal reading distance from eye.  The distant newspaper should be slightly to the left of the midline and the near newspaper to the right.  Hold a septum (i.e., sheet of cardboard, back of pad, etc.) between the eyes.  The papers should be positioned so that the left eye cannot see the paper on the right and the right eye cannot see the paper on the left.

Instruct patient to:

2. Instruct patient to read a headline at distance, read four lines at near, another headline at distance, etc. The goal is almost instantaneous clearing of the print after the switch in fixations.

3. As the distance headlines (or details in picture) become clear, move the paper (or book) farther back; as the nearpoint clears easily, move it closer (up to six inches from the eye–no closer).

4. Reverse the papers (or picture books) for an equal time.  Put the far target on the right side and the near one on the left side.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Attempt to increase the distance between the near and far target, moving the near one closer, and distant one farther.

2. Sit with good posture.

3. Hold septum straight on midline.