Model Making

Model Making

PURPOSE: To enhance eye-hand coordination and develop the ability for sustained visual attention

APPARATUS: Appropriate models (soap, clay, wood, airplane, boat and auto models), Remco educational, sewing, cross stitching, knitting, puzzles of all types, blocks of all types, cut-outs, paper dolls, doll house, pick-up sticks and handicraft


Refined visual manipulation is developed through refined manual manipulation.  The models should be kept simple.  When in doubt, obtain an easier model rather than a difficult one, and preferably one that can be played with after completion.  Child should:

1. Be aware of whole room while working.

2. Relax physically, but remain mentally alert.


1. Posture should be symmetrical and balanced.

2. Fluency of hand movement.

3. Dexterous use of fingertips to hold tools and manipulate parts.

4. Hand-eye coordination.

5. Visual approach vs. trial and error.

6. Ability for sustained activity.

7. Degree of refinement in task.

8. Awareness of total room while performing task.