Flipper Rock – Accommodative Rock




Flipper Rock – Accommodative Rock

Purpose: To help improve the ability to quickly stimulate and relax focusing

Apparatus: Lens flippers with + and – lenses and newspaper size print


Patient is instructed to:

1. Hold print material at normal reading distance.

2. Hold the flippers in front of the eyes so that the print is seen through the plus lenses or minus lenses..

3. Start reading and after the end of each line flip the lens holder to continue reading through the other pair of lenses.

4. Clear the print as quickly as possible and flip the lens holder again. Continue to read after the print clears, remembering to flip at the end of each line.

5. Move the reading material closer and further, in two-inch steps, until the print can no longer be cleared through one set of lenses.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Strive to clear the print within two to three seconds of flipping.

2. Attempt to increase and decrease the reading distance and still clear the print through each set of lenses.

3. Awareness of size and distance changes of the print as the lenses are changed.