Comparing the UK and Alberta Models for Child Vision Screening

Yet another case of a child with ‘learning disabilities’ who has struggled for years, now discovering she’s a high aniso/amblyope.

Here’s a novel idea: Child vision standards. The standard approach described below is comprehensive and covers many aspects of society in an attempt to address vision needs. It is still weak given the exam itself will be abbreviated (which they often are for children). Even then, the Alberta standard is literally non-existent, and so inferior to this still. So many thousands in Alberta with physical visual disabilities, a human rights concern, and still we pay so little attention to address these outstanding needs. That is we as OD’s, and we as a Province. By law we are permitted to educate/advocate, yet the AAO / College are generally silent – it’s almost like we don’t know what the statistics are… oh, wait, we don’t because we don’t track these things, not really, only indirectly, and very imprecisely. I wonder: What _is_ the uptake to exams on reserves? One of many things we’re not paying attention to but should.


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