Ball Hitting


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PURPOSE:  The purpose of these activities is to help the patient develop understanding of how the eyes move, the ability to control these movements in a coordinated and effortless manner, and the ability to visually anticipate movement or change. Quality eye movements direct and are necessary in the intelligent purposeful movement of the body, from walking to fine motor control in writing.

MaterialsMarsden Ball, Yard/meter stick or broom stick; wrap a loop of visible tape around the centre of the stick, and two more pieces of tape around the stick – one piece 1 foot to the left of the centre, and one 1 foot to the right of the centre tape.


Activity 1

1. The patient stands in balanced posture, feet a shoulder’s width apart.

2. The Marsden ball is lowered to chest level.

3. Using the center mark on the stick, the patient hits the ball straight ahead, making solid hits and keeping good control.

4. The goal is to maintain eye contact with the ball at all times.

5. When ready the ball should be adjusted to various heights.

6. Performance should be skilled at any height.

Activity 2

1. The above activity is repeated.

2. The patient counts, says the alphabet, or spells a word simultaneously with each hit of the ball.

3. If the ball is missed or an error is made in the verbal component, the patient stops, gets re-organized and begins again.


1. The above activity is repeated on the teeter board or balance board.

2. Try integrating the rhythm of the batting with the click of a metronome at varying speeds. Find an easy speed for the client, then go either slower or faster from there.

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