Ball Hitting – Body Contact

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PURPOSE: The purpose of these activities is to help the patient develop understanding of how the eyes move, the ability to control these movements in a coordinated and effortless manner, and the ability to visually anticipate movement or change. Quality eye movements direct and are necessary in the intelligent purposeful movement of the body, from walking to fine motor control in writing.

Materials: Marsden Ball.
Activity 1

 1. The patient stands in good balance in front of the ball.

 2. The ball is chest high to begin with, and is raised and lowered as appropriate.

 3. The patient hits the ball with various body parts, alternating right and left sides.

 4. The goals are eye tracking without head movement, control of the ball, and equal right and left performance.

 *Palms of hands *Elbows *Toe

*Fists *Hips *Instep

*Karate chops *Knees *Heel

 Activity 2

 1. The above procedure is repeated with a sequence of different patterns:

Eg.: the patient hits the ball 2 times with the left hand and three times with the right hand.

 Activity 3

 1. The above procedure is repeated and the pattern is changed at random, upon command. The patient must listen to the command and make the change without stopping the ball or the movement.



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