Back Space Ball




Ball Space Ball

Purpose: To develop visual prediction and awareness of back space

Apparatus: Sponge rubber ball on string


1. Have patient stand beneath ball on a string

2. Assistant rotates ball at about shoulder level.

3. With both eyes open, the patient looks straight ahead at home assistant.

4. Without any head or eye movement he is to follow that part of the rotation of the ball able to be seen with peripheral vision.

5. The patient judges when the ball will appear from behind on the other side.

6. Starting with right hand gently touching right shoulder, and the ball rotating counterclockwise, he is to reach straight out to the side to gently touch the ball as it comes from behind.

7. He is to repeat, rotating the ball in a clockwise direction, using the left hand.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Control of eyes and head while looking straight ahead.

2. Accuracy and gentleness of hand contact on ball.