Site Update

Site Update

Please refer to the new menus for content. Also, look for the Index post under ‘All Posts’ for a quick reference to content.

Also: I am renewing a program called “Introduction to Learning and Vision Therapy (LVT)” and these posts will be appearing in rapid succession over the coming weeks and months. The content comprises a short course and intro to basic principles. It’s free to memembers. Look for foundations, theory, ideas, and best of all practical advice and tools to address your client vision needs.

I’m now working on refreshing/updating the entire library, so expect many new items in the weeks/months to come.

Don’t worry: All your content is still here on the site – My goal is simply to make it all more accessible. If you have a membership, you will continue to have access to all content – I hope it will all be easier, and searchable. Your membership status will not change.

If you are an annual member and would like a free upgrade to a Lifetime Professional Membership, all you need to do is recommend someone to join as a lifetime member and notify me through our contact form here. Once I’ve verified the new member is signed up, I will upgrade your membership.

Keep watching for ongoing new content and site changes.

Dr. B

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