Visual-Auditory-Verbal Program

Download this document: 159 VA Verbal Program
Purpose: To create a sense of coding for language and to practice with representing simple and complex mental constructs using symbols. Symbols are translated into words, ideas, and sounds, and these are themselves translated back into symbols on a page.
Material: Download and print the attached document. Paper, note book, pencils.
  • Follow the guidelines given in the attached document.
  • You will assist the child in preparing a dictionary of symbols to represent sounds, ideas, feelings, actions, and things. The simple dictionary will then be used to create new sentences. Symbols may be used to represent sounds, or combined to make words, or to represent entire words or even full sentences.
  • The child should keep a notebook, or a few pages in a binder, where she can keep a ‘dictionary’ of the symbols she creates. Encourage her to create different categories of symbols, like for feelings, actions, things. Perhaps certain added shapes or features (dots, lines, underlines, etc.) can represent modifications to the main symbol. Play with it and help the child to develop their own language. For the actual activities, work with the child to create simple sentences using the code. Challenge the child to express more detailed and complicated thoughts and stories.



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