Brock String – Far Range

The Brock String is the basis for some wonderful activities, helpful in developing visual skills. Brock Strings are used to

  1. Create awareness of space and depth.
  2. Increase the range of motion of the eyes.
  3. Increase accuracy and range of targeting.
  4. Improve scanning ability.

Brock String – Far Range is very similar to Basic Brock: Jumps Near Range with some important differences:

  • You are working with distant targets, that is, beads aligned in the far end of the string (beyond 2 feet from the nose.)
  • The client will still ‘jump’ from bead to bead in a regular sequence (see Basic Brock: Jumps Near Range), but again, the targets will be more distant from the nose.
  • The doubling of vision may not be as easy to perceive, so don’t worry if the child cannot ‘see’ the string doubling beyond a certain distance. The string near the nose should still appear doubled out to the first bead if the bead is near enough. See Physiological Diplopia: When seeing double is correct.
  • Do not use a patch for this activity unless directed to do so by your optometrist. For example, fixating a distant object might be easier for some strabismic child when one eye is occluded. Generally, the patch should be avoided for most clients.

See Also:

You should study all notes relating to Brock String activities prior to attempting them. Always follow the guidance of your vision care provider. Do not exceed what clients can comfortably tolerate.