Ball On String From Teeth

Ball On String From Teeth

Purpose: To develop freedoms between visually monitored space organization and gross bodily movement patterns

Apparatus: A red ball on a length of string.

Method: Patient is to hold string securely between teeth.  Bend over parallel to floor, placing hands on knees.  The ball should be close to the floor, but not touching it.  He is to do the following:

1. Learn how to swing the ball both with your head and your whole body.  Swing it in line and in circle movements.  Keep watching the ball.  Control the swing so that the ball does not bump into legs or furniture.  Keep it under control.

2. Learn how to make the ball stop with your own body movements in as short a time as possible.  This is like stopping a moving swing.  Also, learn to reverse the direction of rotation of the ball when it is swinging in a circle.  Keep watching the ball.  The starting, stopping and reversing of direction are to be done without using hands.

3. Be aware of the string.  How many strings are seen while looking at the ball?  It should be seen as two strings forming a V at the ball, while still controlling movements of the ball.

4. Swing the ball close to the floor.  See how close you can come without touching the floor.

5. Be aware of the rest of the room.  Is it stationary or does it seem to swim while watching the ball?

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Ability to control all aspects of moving and stopping the ball by use of neck and body action.

2. Ability to maintain ocular fixation on ball.

3. Sees two strings forming a V at the ball.

4. Aware of space between self and the ball and peripherally aware of the rest of the room as a solid visual background.