Trap the Marble


Purpose: This is a fun and effective way of developing laterality sense and bilateral control.

Material: Two spray can caps or two small plastic or paper cups, a marble


1.  The child is to kneel on the floor, holding a cap in each hand, ready to trap the marble as it is rolled toward him on midline.

2.  Assistant instructs child to trap it with his right or left hand.  As skill develops, give child less and less time between the command and the trapping.

3.  Parallel horizontal lines may be drawn on the floor about six inches apart just in front of the child.  He is instructed to trap the marble when it is between the two lines.  The separation of the lines can be increased or decreased depending upon the skill of the child.

4.  Vary the roll toward the right and left of midline and vary your rolling position to the right and left of midline.

5.  With child facing straight ahead, roll a marble from his left side directly across in front of him.  He is to hold the septum with his left hand and trap the marble with his right hand, on the right side of the septum.  Reverse the procedure, rolling the marble from the right while he traps it with his left hand.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Accuracy in trapping the marble with either hand within the trap zone.

2.  Ability to look and listen at the same time and make right-left decisions quickly and accurately.

3.  Vary the speed of the marble.

Other notes:

The child may be kneeling on the floor, sitting on his bottom with his legs spread, or lying down on his stomach with arms out to the sides to begin with.  This activity may also be done across a table.

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