Perceptual Speed Letters

Perceptual Speed Letters

Download this pdf: Perceptual Speed Letters

This activity is designed to help build visual search skills, saccadic (jump) movements, and letter recognition. It is appropriate for all ages and only minimal letter recognition is required.

Material: Begin by downloading and printing the attached document. Timer.

General Procedure:

  • • The attached file contains 10 pages with two groups of columns each. Each grouping has six sub-columns of letters. The first column on the left is the sample column, and the remaining five columns are the search columns. The goal is to find the sample letters in the remaining 5 search columns. As soon as the term is located, it is circled, then the child continues on to the next row. Continue this way until the end of the group.
  • • You should try to do no more than two columns at a time.
  • • Time how long it takes to do all rows in a group and write this time down. Add 3 seconds to the total for each error.
  • • After two groupings, you should ask the child about their goals. Can they beat their best time next time? Have them write down their goal score/time for future reference.

Loading: This activity is self loading, but you can always integrate the use of a Metronome to pace the child. Begin with a reasonable rate such as 50 bpm per line, then move the speed up 10-15 bpm. Never use the same groups in sequence, but always change the set of letters. It is ok to redo the same sheets, but not in the same session.