Listen and Visualize



Listen and Visualize

PURPOSE: To learn to match auditory recall with visual discrimination

APPARATUS: Numerous plastic miniature toys and a container to hold them


1. Place in the basket only the objects to be named.  Hand; the basket to the child.  You name five objects in the basket, such as: car, horse, boat, bear, airplane.  The child is to listen to the complete list, then remove the objects called and place them on a table in the same order given, naming them as he does so.  Continue to add objects until the child’s limit is reached.

2. Place up to 12 plastic items in the basket.  You name four having something in common, for example:

1. With some beginning sound

b. Belonging to the same category

c. Having the same final consonant

Child is to remove the four from the basket in the order called, name them, and find the common element in each and explain to you what it is.  Continure adding objects one at a time as before.

3. Place items in the basket that belong to two different categories, as: boat, car, plane, beat, cat, pig.  The child is to categorize them and describe his choice.  In the example used, the items could be paired in these categories: usage (transportation), animals, or by paired initial consonants.


1. Ability to organize auditory information, hold and manipulate it while making the visual selections.

2. Ability to recognize similarities and differences in auditory clues.