Listen and Repeat



Listen and Repeat

PURPOSE: To develop auditory recall and discrimination



1. Tap on the table several times using a specific rhythm.

2. Instruct child to listen, and then repeat the tapping pattern exactly as heard, taking into account the number of taps, volume, rhythm and timing.

3. If he has difficulty, tap on his hand or knee so he feels the taps and have him also tap on his hand or knee as he attempts to repeat your pattern.

4. When using a hard surface, vary the sound by tapping loudly or softly, slowly or rapidly, etc.

5. Next, tap in an irregular rhythm (two fast, then two slow, etc.)

6. Finally, when above can be accomplished adequately, vary both the sound and the rhythm (two loud fast taps followed by three soft slow taps, etc.)


1. Ability to organize auditory sequences in all the variable aspects.

2. Ability to organize auditory sequences by listening alone, or by looking and listening.

3. Ability to organize feeling sequences.