Flashlight Activities


Purpose:  To organize eye, hand and body movements in visually directed and monitored spatial operations.

Materials:  Two flashlights



Put flashlight switch on the half-on position so that push button activates the light.  Assistant names objects and has patient reach out with flashlight, aim and press “on” button to shine light on the target.  See how accurately light beam can be made to hit the target predictively.  Always start with arms hanging relaxed at sides.  Use both right and left hands.


Patient holds flashlight and moves it in lines, circles, spirals and figure eight patterns on wall, floor and ceiling.  He is to keep looking at the light and be aware of the rest of the room.  Does the room seem to move or is the light seen moving in the room?  As alternate method, home assistant is to move the light while patient follows its path visually. 


Home assistant is to shine the light in rhythmic patterns of lines and circles on the chalkboard (or wall).  Patient is to try to keep the light shining in his hand.  Do this monocularly.  Right eye and right hand – left eye and left hand.  At first, the back of the hand in use should make constant contact with the chalkboard.  As task of keeping the light in the hand becomes easier, keep hand two to three inches off the chalkboard.


Both home assistant and patient have a flashlight.  Assistant is to shine his light across the wall, ceiling and floor, in various and random patterns.  Patient is to keep his light as nearly on assistant’s light as he can.  A second method to be employed is to have patient keep his light about two feet behind the leading light as he follows the leader.

5. TAG

The child who “IT” has the flashlight and tries to catch other players by shining the light beam on them.  As control of light improves, reduce target areas to face or hands, but the children may not cover faces, or put hands in pockets.  They should try to duck or dodge the light.  Be sure to have a good referee in this game.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Awareness of inappropriate actions as seen by position of light.

2.  Awareness of whole room, front and rear.