Dealing With Frustration and Anxiety


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No one is impervious to the blues, or the many frustrations in life. I’ll post some ideas here from time to time to try to lessen your load so you can heal and move on. Feelings are an integral part of being alive and give colour and meaning to our lives. Accept that without the negative we can never appreciate the good things.


Always remember, however, that feelings are signs, not roads. Take direction from them, but don’t pursue them. Just let them come and go. Do not allow your feelings to get in the way of your objectivity when working with your child/client.

Listen to this audio from the Rosner readings.

I have some favourite things that never seem to fail to lift my spirits. Many are from music, and others are from religion, or art, or simply the company of old friends.

Try these gems. Feel free to acknowledge the artist by buying the whole album. (Guy Clark: Old Friends)