Rules for Reading Comprehension


Purpose: To develop and increase reading speed and comprehension.


The patient is instructed to:

1.  Learn to read phrases.

2.  Read with a pencil between the lips to reduce and eventually eliminate subvocalizing.

3.  Draw a line down the center of a newspaper column.  Read with one fixation on each side of the vertical line (two fixations per line of print).  Then read down the vertical line with one fixation per line of print.

In general follow these rules:

1.  Read.  Just read.  Reading is a skill and like any other skill it can be improved if it is practiced.

2.  Read for main ideas.

3.  Build comprehension.

4.  Budget your time.  Schedule specific periods.

5.  Pace yourself.

Reference: The Art of Efficient Reading, George Spache, MacMillan.