Perceptual Activities Levels 1 and 2

This activity requires the ‘Perceptual Activities’ workbook available through or, but the types of activities can be found in most book stores and teacher supply stores.

Purpose: To develop several aspects of directionality and spatial organization in a graphic arts medium.

Materials: “Perceptual Activities” workbook which is provided for you, pencil, crayons.


1.  The subject should be seated comfortably with good lighting.

2.  There are up to four areas of involvement in each workbook:

Color by Number

Fill in the Missing Lines and Color

Figure-Ground Exercises

Dot-to-Dot Color (Level 1 only)

3.  Instructions for each section of the workbook will be found in the inside of the front cover.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Maintain good posture and working distance.

2.  Assist with pencil and crayon grip if necessary.